Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr. InfantSEE Award

Optometry Cares - The AOA Foundation and the InfantSEE program honor the memory of Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr. through the Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr. InfantSEE Award, which honors the late optometrist's inspiring and passionate leadership as a driving force in the profession of optometry. A memorial fund was established after his passing in 2005 and led to the creation of this award

 Belinda R. Starkey, O.D. and 2023 Sullins Award Recipient, Andrea Thau, O.D.

Belinda R. Starkey, O.D. and 2023 Sullins Award Recipient, Andrea Thau, O.D.

The Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr. InfantSEE Award recognizes an individual doctor of optometry who has made significant contributions to optometry or his/her community for outstanding public service involving the InfantSEE program. The award is presented annually at Optometry's Meeting. Each recipient is awarded a medallion and travel reimbursement up to $1,000. 

Nominations for the Award may be submitted by InfantSEE State Advocates (ISAs), any member of the AOA, any faculty member of the schools & colleges of optometry, AOA committees, commissions, councils, sections, groups, affiliated associations and societies, and other optometric organizations. Nominees must be doctors of optometry who meet the criteria established for the Award. 


Nominee achievements will be evaluated according to a point system allocated to two principles:

  1. Service to InfantSEE (75 point maximum)
    Contributions of personal time and effort in the public/community in such areas as:
    • An active InfantSEE provider in good standing as of January 1, 2024 through receipt of award
    • Presenter or enrollee in continuing education specializing in eye and vision care of the infant population within the past three years
    • Provide at least two examples of community outreach regarding InfantSEE with measurable results
  2. Service to Optometry and Special Service (25 point maximum)
    Involvement on behalf of the profession of optometry, in such areas as:
    • Leadership roles within the profession
    • Contributions of personal time and effort with professional health care organizations, military service, committees, boards or groups
    • AOA member in good standing

Award Requirements:

Nominations are to be submitted online

  1. A statement not to exceed 1,500 words is required which should amplify and substantiate the reasons the nominee should be considered for the recognition.  It should explain the nature of the individual’s public service/contribution for InfantSEE.
  2. A brief biographical sketch.

Please note that the recipient of the award will be asked to provide a current headshot.

The deadline for award nominations is  February 19, 2024.

If you have questions about the application process,
please contact Molly Brown, Optometry Cares Program Manager at mbrown@aoa.org.

List of Past Sullins Award Recipients

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